Refer-a-Friend Giveaway Winner Announced!

Producer MOKA's sign Iris T-shirt
In October of 1985… uhm… make that 2015, Libra’s Kickstarter was still several weeks away from launching, but it was clear that despite the initial spike in visibility from Steam’s Greenlight Program (R.I.P) and being on Prefundia’s front page, it wasn’t enough.

The need for more people to know about the project launch was evident, so we ended up taking to Steam’s community first with a plan to get the masses motivated and spread the word. With our “Refer-a-Friend Campaign" in effect, it allowed us to collect a list of those interested in Libra’s Kickstarter campaign and then notify them the instant we launched. The prize(s) for those doing the referring were digital wallpapers, with a special top prize being a raffle for Producer MOKA’s Iris t-shirt.
Producer MOKA's sign Iris T-shirt
o(*^∀^)o Congratulations "sanahtlig"! o(^∀^*)o

You will soon have famous piece of otaku history on its way!
As for everyone else who helped sign a friend up to our Kickstarter notification list, we’ve decided that everyone shall receive wallpapers (which will be delivered at a later time). As always, thank you for your support. You rock!