Bring a Soldier to Battle Giveaway Winners Announced!

Risa Miyasu Autographed Book
Now that the smoke of the Kickstarter battle has long since cleared, we’re proud to announce the lucky pair that will each get an Iris color-printed shikishi plus a copy of Risa Miyasu’s art book.
o(^◇^)o Congratulations Kiwi and Hope Carranza! o(^∀^*)o
Title: "Million de secrets: BIBLIOTHEQUE"
Signed by Miyasu-san herself.
Softcover, 60-pages, color.
Rare item, made special for the 2015 Comic Market.
Winners receive an autographed copy of Risa Miyasu-san's art book plus a color-copied Iris shikishi. Participants will also receive the Iris shikishi. For more details, please read the original announcement on our Steam Greenlight (R.I.P) post.
For those wondering, Risa Miyasu-san (Twitter: @Risaly_) is the super-talented character designer and artist responsible for Shuma, Calen, Mari, and Iris. Some might even know her artwork from the VNs Hyper→Highspeed→Genius and Nekonade Distortion (is that the neko version of Mari on the boxcover?). During Libra’s campaign, we had two reward tiers featuring her hand-drawn shikishi: “Iris Comes to My Room!” and “Calen Comes to My Room!” If you love her artwork and style, drop by her Twitter page and share some love! <3