Bikini Dakimakura Cover Giveaway Finalists Announced!

Libra Bikini Dakimakura
The time has come! Thank you to all who entered the giveaway and showed your unwavering support for Libra. We've narrowed the winner down to... two finalists!?!? We just can't decide, so we must settle this the way it's done in the big leagues: JANKEN FACE OFF!
In the blue corner, with her fluffy ears and tail out... we have Mari fighting for Manic Ado-san!
In the red corner, looking confused as usual... we have Lycoris fighting for Coraphise-san!
The JANKEN FACE OFF will go 10 rounds. The one who wins the most (and is left standing) by the end will be crowned the undisputed winner, I say! The battle will be posted on MiKandi Japan's YouTube channel on July 22nd, so be sure to watch for the final winner. May the best bikini daki win!
**Fear not bikini warriors, a special prize from XERO will go to the runner up for a hard-fought match.**

Bikini Dakimakura Cover Giveaway!

**Contest Ended July 15th, 2017**

Libra Bikini Dakimakura
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About the Dakimakura: The pillow cover is double-sided with classic outfit on the front and bikini swimwear on the back. It’s the ultimate dakimakura... The printing company is the best in Japan and they’ve printed it in Japan for us on their newest and most advanced machine. These pillow covers retail for around $120 in Japan. The material is very cool to the touch, heavy, and smooth because it's made from actual swimwear material! Toray, the material maker, is a famous swimwear company in Japan. You can see their logo behind many idols in Japan where their swimwear is promoted.