Author: Sanku | Publisher: Ero Manga Island

Description: Mr. Sawajiri is a middle-aged, dorky, perverted teacher who constantly lusts for his gorgeous student Akane. Why? It turns out that she’s the mirror image of Sayuri… his first love from way back in his school days. But here’s the thing: Sayuri is Akane’s mother. Thinking he can get a second chance at love, he obsesses and lusts over Akane to the point of insanity. After Sawajiri observes Akane exiting a hotel with a male classmate, he takes it upon himself to find out if she’s been sexing it up with students. The physical examination begins, and Akane needs to submit to his whims or be expelled.

Tags: cunnilingus, gropingoppai, panties, schoolgirl, teacher, uncensored

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