Hey everyone! It’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for: White Secret – LINDA’s Official English Localization Project has relaunched on Indiegogo! Please come and support our mission to bring more great Japanese ero works to the West!

If you pledge at the following perks (reward tiers) within the first 5 days of the campaign, you’ll get an exclusive piece of LINDA promo artwork after the campaign succeeds. Above is just a low-res sample of this great piece waiting for you. Read on for more details!

Get the DIGITAL VERSION of the artwork if you pledge at the following tier (and higher)

  • $75 Standard Edition (Digital) Includes: If My Wife Cheats On Me – Complete Edition (Digital), My Wife – Case 1 (Digital), My Wife – Case 2 (Digital), Tonight, My Wife’s a Party People (Digital), Hot Spring Circle (Digital), White Secret (Digital), Exclusive Official Artbook (Digital), Digital Postcards

Get the DIGITAL VERSION & PRINTED POSTER (Size A4) of the artwork if you pledge at the following tier (and higher)

  • $125 Standard Edition (Paperpack) Includes: If My Wife Cheats On Me… – Complete Edition (Paperback), My Wife – Case 1 (Paperback), My Wife – Case 2 (Paperback), Tonight, My Wife’s a Party People (Paperback), Hot Spring Circle (Paperback), White Secret (Paperback), Exclusive Official Artbook (Paperback), A6 Size Postcard

*The exclusive artwork features characters Eri (left), Eriko (middle), Misaki (right). Eri is the star of the brand new original doujin, White Secret; Eriko and Misaki are popular characters from LINDA’s previously released doujins receiving localization. Artwork also displays LINDA’s digital autograph at bottom-right.

So what are you waiting for…?


**Project Archive News Below**

Dear Backers and Supporters,

As you may know by now, our Kickstarter project has been suspended due to “inappropriate content” as termed by Kickstarter. This is despite the fact that the project was manually approved by the Kickstarter team. As we are unsure of what is going on at the moment, we suspect that our project was subjected to mass reporting lead by either a rival company or encouraged by a certain individual, even though there’s plenty of adult content out there, they specifically targeted ours.

This is the second time a PUSH! Publication project was suspended due to reasons that Kickstarter has refused to give us specifically. As we believe this decision is unfair, we are currently asking Kickstarter for more clarification on the matter.

We have informed the artist, LINDA, to let him know about the current situation. As you can imagine, he is extremely disappointed over this. And now we have another perfect example of why Japanese artists are so weary to release their work outside of Japan. Unclear rules. Approval, then disapproval. No clear explanations.

Despite this unfortunate situation, PUSH! Publication and Mikandi Japan remain committed to bringing success to this exciting project. We urge all backers and fans to subscribe to the following email list to be alerted once the LINDA project relaunches!

Thank you for the continued support,

-PUSH! Publication, MiKandi Japan, and LINDA

MiKandi Japan has partnered with PUSH! Publication on a Kickstarter to fund the production of a new and original hentai doujin work from well known Japanese artist LINDA. In addition to this, five of LINDA’s previously released original made doujin will receive an official English reproduction and release. The campaign will launch on May 10th and run until June 10th. A minimum funding goal is set at $40,000 USD, though there are many attractive reward tiers, stretch goals, and exclusive items that could see the campaign reaching as high as USD $120,000 USD

“We’ve been a fan of LINDA’s works for a long time. Since PUSH! is a company that specializes in erotic stories involving darker themes, like corruption and adultery, LINDA was the perfect match for us. Seeing the potential—and the fact that we love his doujin works and unique art style so much—we decided to work with LINDA to unleash his lewd imagination into the West. This is our biggest Kickstarter yet. We’re pumped and LINDA is, too. Hentai lovers really need to check out the campaign once it launches,” said Toffee-san, PUSH! Publication’s Chief Financial Officer.

Campaign Highlights

  • An original doujin work created by LINDA exclusively for the campaign.
  • Official English translation and reproduction of five original made LINDA doujin works.
  • 260+ pages of erotic content combined.
  • Both physical and digital formats of the manga.
  • Exclusive ero merchandise includes high-quality dakimakura, tapestries, and more.

Q&A with the awesome LINDA!

We recently caught up with LINDA in the studio and had a quick Q&A session about his art style, works, and tools! Read on to find out more about the very cool LINDA!

Hi, LINDA! Thanks for joining us for a quick Q&A for our fans and newsletter subscribers!
Hello, I’m LINDA, a manga artist! ^^

What is so unique about your art style?
I think it’s called having originality as an artist… Before I even debuted, I’ve liked oil paintings and thickly painted works, and I’ve tried to imitate those style of paintings. (When I was in middle school, I played tabletop games like D&D with my friend and read novels like Shadowlance, and I really liked the fantasy illustrations in them^^) With that background, I’ve been strongly influenced into trying to make “drawings like paintings” since I first started. Even when I start illustrating a manga, I don’t think I’m illustrating a manga, I think that I’m making a painting. I think that my current art, which is a bit more “heavy” than moe style, is the result of me unconsciously doing my preferred style.

Regarding the way I draw, I don’t usually consciously decide what method I will use. Rather, I imagine the character, and, sometime after racing around the pen, the illustration becomes finished (lol).

Especially when I make erotic art, I try to make an atmosphere that captures the girl, my own hidden sexual desires and fears, etc…I like to express the complex “internal implications” of characters when I draw them.

What tools do you use for drawing?
Generally, I make all of my illustrations on the computer from start to finish. The tools I’m using include SAI, CLIP STUDIO, and Photoshop. I use them differently depending on what I am drawing. Basically, I just love drawing, period (Especially voluptuous adult women ><>). I just try to concentrate on enjoying that while I draw, lol.

Is your style being influenced by other artists?
Of course, I am influenced a variety of manga artists, illustrators, and painters. However, to continue my aside about middle school… among Japanese artists, Nobateru Yūki’s illustrations in Record of Lodoss War and Yoshikazu Yasuhiko’s work in Gundam have been large influences. Also… since I am not very good at mimicking other styles, even when I deliberately try to take influences, it is often not really noticed by others, lol.

In closing, is there anything you’d like to say to our fans and audience?
Thank you so much for your support through participation in the crowdfunding! My works are generally restricted to being about married women and NTR (an acronym for netorare; adultery), but I am very happy that even in places outside of Japan, there are many people with the same interests that enjoy my works! Thank you again for all of your support!

Content Sneak Peeks!

Sneak Peek #1 – “The Taste of Nipple”
Below is a translated ero scene from LINDA’s manga, My Wife Case 1. This is just 1 lewd page of more than 260 others to be published!

Sneak Peek #2 – Lewd Dakimakura!
Below are two dakimakura (works in progress) made exclusively for the campaign by LINDA himself! Do you like dakimakura made of Two-way Tricot? (Nothing but the very best ^^) They’re gonna look awesome!

Sneak Peek #3 – Ecchi Tapestry!
Below is a tapestry made exclusively for the campaign! There’s a second tapestry which we’ll post soon! ^^

Put on Your Kickstarter Hats! 

We hope you’re all excited for the LINDA Kickstarter and like what you’ve seen so far. Believe us, there’s even more to come ^^ Please remember to show your support for the campaign on May 10th and also mention it to your hentai pals. By doing so, you send a clear message to LINDA, us, and all Japanese hentai creators that their hard work has a rightful place in the West!

-MiKandi Japan, PUSH! Publication, and LINDA