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Iris “Intimate” Pillow Cover (Double-sided)


Iris “Intimate” Pillow Cover (Double-sided)

$140.00 $137.99

UPDATED Jan. 2017: Added final design for Iris “Intimate” Pillow Cover!


Enjoy an intimate night with Iris, a devious 2,000-year-old vampire ringleader with blonde twin tails.

  • Double-sided: Front = Goth Uniform, Panty Peek. Back = Goth Uniform, “Intimate” Peek.
  • Dimensions: 50cm x 150cm
  • Material: 2-Way Tricot

Please note: We can not offer this pillow as an upgrade to Kickstarter backers because this pillow design was paid for and licensed by a third-party in Japan. We are selling it on their behalf.

*18+ ONLY!

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