Author: Megi | Publisher: Ero Manga Island

Description: After Shouhei’s older sister, Kaoru, catches him rummaging through her panty drawer, she appoints him as school monitor where he must help students with their troubles. If he doesn’t obey her, she’ll reveal the crush he has on his classmate Sana: a cute brunette, goody two shoes. For his first assignment, he must help Haruka Kuroki—a tan, bleach blonde, big-titted bombshell with an attitude—become a better swimmer. She’s a gyaru “with the meanest rep in school.” She can’t swim for shit, but she can suck a mean dick and swallow a load of semen in one gulp. How does a nerd like Shouhei get such a hot high school bimbo on his cock? Looks like this school monitor gig has its hentai perks after all. But it doesn’t end there. Come check out the other assignments that land Shouhei (and his dick) in some hilariously lewd situations. And remember to always obey your hot sister’s wishes!

Tags: blowjobcolor, gyarupooloppaischoolgirlsportsswimsuituncensored

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