Author: Momo Maeda | Publisher: Ero Manga Island

Description: Shibasaki is fresh from a tough breakup with his girlfriend and claims, “I’m done with women… done!” But after a drunken night out with some co-workers, Shibasaki takes their advice and rings up an escort service (or so he thinks) to take his mind off the ex. When Main shows up at his apartment in her sexy maid outfit, Shibasaki can hardly believe his eyes. She’s adorable, soft spoken and has huge tits… which drives him absolutely crazy. After some light chit-chat, an incredibly carnal romp unfolds and ends in Main hurling a bombshell at Shibasaki, thus revealing her dark secret. Now that the naked truth is exposed, what will either do going forward?

Tags: color, cosplaymaid, megane, oppaipanties

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