Tokyo based hentai game and manga publisher MiKandi Japan moves to Minds freedom & privacy social media platform.

MiKandi Japan moves to Minds

Tokyo, Japan – Celebrating America’s Independence Day from Japan in true freedom-loving fashion, MiKandi Japan announces in an epic 1776 word long declaration that they’re moving their primary social media presence to freedom and privacy platform James, MiKandi Japan’s Operations Manager explains:

“What do I think? I’ll tell you what I think. Facebook and Twitter, they’re the new British Red Coats and they can all go eat a big fat fish sausage!”

Disillusioned at the current state of Big Tech social media platforms, James explains in a rant reminiscent of the “Bed Intruder” viral video that MiKandi Japan is seeking greener pastures:

“They’re climbing in your Windows, snatching your data up. Shadow-banning your mom, blacklisting your dad, censoring everybody’s speech. They’re manipulating everything that comes across your feeds. It’s literally destroying people’s livelihoods and frankly we’re fed up with it!”

James continued…

“If I want to enjoy small boobs or big boobs, that should be my decision! I don’t need some algorithm forcing me to appreciate average-sized boobs. I have average-sized boobs myself, okay? I see them every day in the mirror! I need something fresh!”

According to James, at least for the meantime MiKandi Japan will still keep posting on Twitter and Facebook, but those sites will be getting sloppy seconds compared to what will be posted on Minds.

“It’s true. We can’t abandon Twitter and Facebook completely. Frack me. They’re like hookers with a grudge. They’ve got us by the balls. Our fans are on there and yeah, that leads to income we rely on, so it sucks bananas. But by gosh we’ve got to get away, balls or no balls! So what I’ve done is, I’ve created this pledge. And everybody at MKJ has to take it. If they don’t, then they’re a Red Coat. Plain and simple. And this pledge, it basically says that to save the 2D waifus we’ve got make our primary home a platform that doesn’t try to force us all into some kind of terrible online world where neko mimi girls are banned into oblivion. Oblivion!!!”

To read MiKandi Japan’s pledge in full and the rest of what James had to say, check out MiKandi Japan’s first blog post on

(Note to Gary our marketing intern: Don’t you dare post Twitter and Facebook links at the bottom of this PR you numskull! Got it?!!! -James)

Learn more about MiKandi Japan on their Official Homesite HERE.

And be sure to follow MiKandi Japan on Twitter @MiKandiJapan and Facebook at /MiKandiJapan!

Happy July 4th!

The G-Man! & MiKandi Japan

MiKandi Japan moves to Minds.

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