Thanks for stopping by! MiKandi Japan is proud to present you with a free preview of “I Tried Living With A Goddess For A Year” Episode 1 from KATTS Men’s Comics, a very popular Japanese label. To date, we’ve released 18 episodes of “Goddess” on MiKandi’s marketplace (with more on the way)! Scroll down for the free preview!

Story: This comical series focuses on the zany relationship between Chisa (a Goddess in training, shown above) and Keigo-kun (the guy she’s chosen to protect). Throughout the episodes, you’ll meet new characters—some good, some evil; some sleazy, some mysterious. All in all, it’s a fun read with plenty of sexy fan service… if you know what I mean!

…And that’s how Chisa met Keigo-kun!  Will she ever become a goddess? Needless to say, a lot of humor, suspense, and ecchi fun happens over the course of this series. We hope you enjoyed this free preview! Please don’t forget to visit LINDA’s Official English Localization Project now on Indiegogo. Check out the awesome perks and exclusive rewards you won’t get anywhere else. Let’s earn a big victory for Japanese hentai and bring LINDA’s original doujins West!

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