SHUMA (Shuma Kusanagi)



Shuma lost his mother one month ago; his only blood relative. Before she passed, he received a keepsake ring from her which he now wears as a necklace.

After coming to grips with this reality, a vampire named Iris abducts Shuma in an attempt to “awaken” him. She claims that his deceased father was the head of Embroche: one of the original vampire families, and special within their world.

Shuma now struggles with an impulse suck blood, an aversion to sunlight, and a mysterious aura that is attracting the opposite sex. Still, he is trying to have a normal… human life. Since becoming a vampire though, many eccentric people are showing up all around him.

CALEN (Calendula Officianlis)



She came to Japan from Racronia to be married to Shuma. Calen is the 100th daughter in the Officianlis family: one of three big households. Her marriage to Shuma is arranged and thus for her, love is a low priority.

Calen was raised in a vampire society, and for this reason she cannot understand shy Shuma doesn’t try to drink from humans. She is mature as a vampire, so she can control to her impulse to feed.

When Calen first came to Japan, her naiveté was exposed because she wasn’t aware of the differences between vampires and humans. Now after becoming friends with Sakurako, she is finally enjoying her life.

AOI (Aoi Kamishiro)



An agent of the Vatican’s Special Service Agency, “Rubina”. Aoi came to town with Lycoris after receiving information that an important vampire is here.

Aoi is one of a few people who can communicate directly with God. She has spent her whole life killing monsters; it is the top priority order assigned to her. Aoi prefers physical work over cognitive and focuses on things in the moment without considering the future.

Her specialty is a combo attack with two swords–twin swords, using her heightened physical ability. Her purpose is freeing her partner Lycoris who has become Iris’s familiar spirit, so she will move together with Shuma for the time being.

MARI (Maritima Malcomia)



A werewolf maid who used to serve the Embroche family. She is not a familiar spirit, so she can exist after Shuma’s father is gone. While Mari was searching for Shuma to revive Embroche family, Iris found her and began using her as a gofer.

She is disappointed that Shuma isn’t dependable as either a master or a vampire. Still, she is serving him as a house-worker, hoping the Embroche family will someday be revived. Mari says whatever she thinks and sometimes it’s too direct and poisonous towards her master Shuma. Basically, though, she is obedient and nice. She also gets wold ears and a bushy tail when surprised.

LYCORIS (Lycoris Ragiata)



Formerly Aoi’s partner and agent of Rubina, Lycoris now serves as Iris’s familiar. Since the change she carries a big scythe named “Crepusculefaux”, which was given to her by Iris. Lycoris constantly comes up to Shuma and causes trouble, but usually retreats when he resists.

Lycoris is always overexcited and acts like an air-head. Everyone thinks this the evil effect of becoming a vampire, but it’s not true. People are often surprised to learn she was the brains behind daredevil Aoi when they were a team.


IRIS (Iris Pumila)



She is the one who “awakened” Shuma as a vampire. Arrogant attitude, haughty language, and young looking, but her true character is a progenitor of vampires who thrived for two-thousand years.

Out of the three vampire households, she is the only one still alive without having alternated.

She always interferes with the Embroche family ever since having a fight with the first their lineage. It seems like she has a purpose when she orders her familiar, Lycoris, to attack Shuma.

SAKURAKO (Sakurako Doumyouji)



Shuma’s classmate, playmate, and an inspiring person. Shuma has known her for a long time, though she isn’t a childhood friend. After Shuma pulled a prank on Sakurako, she became a “mayoler” (a mayonnaise lover) who thinks it’s normal to drink it straight.

Sakurako has many friends and is sociable. Naturally, she became friends with Calen, who has a different standard from normal life, and also with Aoi who isn’t a good conversationalist.

She is a rare person in that she talks with Shuma in a natural way, even though every other female in school is falling in love with him.

She was turned into a vampire by Lycoris, causing her to attack Shuma.

KAEDE (Kaede Oomine)



Shuma’s junior schoolmate. Kaede calls Shuma a brother. After his mother passed away, Kaede and her family took care of Shuma.

Later on, Kaede became friends with Mari who does all the housework for Shuma, but he never realized they were friends.