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Libra of the Vampire Princess is now available on Steam!

Libra’s Script Improvement Project (In Progress)

Mission: Since Libra’s release we’ve kept our ears open to feedback and suggestions. It became clear that some were disappointed with the end result of Libra’s translation and editing. We did our best at the time, and we are very thankful to everyone who put the hard work in to make it happen, but now we’ve decided to revisit the entire game with the mission of producing something even better.

Here is our most recent progress on the new edits. Please check back monthly for the latest!


100% Complete


100% Complete


In Progress: 50% Complete


In Progress: 42% Complete











Additional Info

    • Translator Ollirin is currently working on Libra!
    • Professional translation company Love Lab and freelance translator Tormaid have completed their work on the project.
    • The Main and Mari path have been sent to XERO for programming. We’re waiting on a release date for the first patch.
    • All other paths will be released as a second patch.

Libra’s NEW Edit FAQ

Q: Why are you updating Libra’s script?

Since Libra’s release we’ve kept our ears open to feedback and suggestions. It became clear that some were disappointed with the end result of Libra’s translation and editing. We did our best at the time, and we are forever grateful to everyone who put the hard work in to make this game become a reality, but now we’ve decided to revisit the entire game with the mission of producing something even better. Currently, we are making these edits as our schedule permits with the help of JP <=> EN translator and editor, Tormaid. Previously assisting us on the script were volunteers Emiri HowellNDarkstarJoe P / Iarumas, and Hexxellor! And of course, we’d received some great help from professional company, Love Lab.

Q: What part of Libra are we working on?

Aoi’s path. Please see progress bar (above) for the latest!


Note: All info below here is archived.


The Battle of Kickstarter for “Libra of the Vampire Princess,” was successfully won on January 20th, 2016. If you were brave enough to have joined the Vampire Princess Army in our march to victory, then you have been lucky enough to enjoy the spoils along the way. For those who missed the epic journey, it`s not too late to jump on board for the celebration. Please follow all of our detailed progress and join the fight as we complete the game for it`s fall release!

Original TL & Editing Status (Complete)

In addition to the updates on Kickstarter, we decided to create a visual to show how the tactical translation is coming along. This will be updated as we progress, so you can keep a sharp watch on our progress…

100% Main Route
100% Mari`s Route
100% Mari`s Bonus Route
100% Calen`s Route
100% Calen`s Bonus Route
100% Aoi`s Route
100% Aoi`s Bonus Route
100% Lycoris`s Route
100% Lycoris`s Bonus Route
100% Harem Bonus Route

***Important Update: January 20th, 2017*** As destiny would have it and without even realizing it until after the fact, we finished translating and editing Libra, one year to the day from when our campaign ended. Congratulations to the translators, editors, and to everyone in the Vampire Princess Army who has fought alongside us over the course of this past year! What’s the next battle? Mini Episode editing is forging ahead like a full-on sneak attack. Onward to VICTORY!***

100% Iris`s Mini Episode
100% Aoi and Lycoris`s Mini Episode

***Important Update: May 16th, 2017*** Just in time for our release date announcement, Mini Episode translating and editing has been completed!

Enjoy some scenes as we move through the translation!

“Arranged Marriage”

[Shuma] “Whaaat!?”

[Mari] “Master, it’s useless to talk sensibly about this using human logic.”

[Shuma] “Even so. Out of the blue, I’m told I’m going to marry a stranger. How can I just simply say ‘yes’ to this?”


[Calen] “I see. From now, let’s spend our time together. You’ll be a great progenitor and as your wife, I’ll do my best.”

[Shuma] “Well, I’ve never dated a girl!”


[Mari] “You cherry boy.”


“Sneak Attack”


[Aoi] “Waaahhh!!”

With a shout, the girl attacks me.

Attacking me!? Why!?

[Aoi] “Shoot, I missed.”

The girl says it cooly…and in her hands…

Daggers? She grips a short blade in each hand.

I feel a trickle of blood running down my cheek. Pain starts at the same time.

[Shuma] “W-wait wait. What the hell!?”


[Aoi] “It’s my job, so be a good boy and get hunted!”



While you anticipate the translation, be sure to download the opening song. This is required “pump up” ammunition!…

THE ANNUNCIATiONLibra of the Vampire PrincessOpening Theme

Original Japanese Music and Lyric Sheet (EN Translation)

'The Annunciation' Libra Openting Theme Song

「The Annunciation」, Opening Theme Song for 『Libra of The Vampire Princess』EN Lyrics! To Download: (Save Image As…)

– Song Credits –

Lyrics: Mayumi Shindo

Arrangement: VIVI

Vocals: Mayumi Shindo & Toa Yukimura

Link: Pre-Kickstarter Launch Contest! (Ended Dec. 10, 2015)

“Libra of the Vampire Princess”: Gameplay Previews


“Libra of the Vampire Princess”: FAQ

Last Updated: Oct. 8th, 2016

The English translation for “Libra of the Vampire Princess” (a bishoujo visual novel from Japanese studio XERO) has been successfully funded on Kickstarter and Greenlit on Steam. Here are the up-to-date answers to many common questions regarding the project:

Q: When did the campaign launch on Kickstarter and when was it funded?

A: The “Libra of the Vampire Princess” Kickstarter launched Thursday, December 10th, 2015 and was successfully funded on January 20th, 2016! Originally we planned to launch on Kickstarter before the Oct. 30th release of the game in Japan. However, after listening to the visual novel community, we decided to start with a Libra of the Vampire Princess on Prefundia. We considered feedback on rewards and stretch goals. This move gave us more time to grow the “Vampire Princess Army” so that when we launched on Kickstarter, we had the best chance for success!
We needed around 1800 backers to reach our Kickstarter goal, and once we launched the campaign, the “Vampire Princess Army” grew larger than we imagined, fighting as a powerful and unstoppable force. When the dust settled, we were 2,285 warriors strong, blowing past our goal of $125,000 and landing on an unbelievable $183,105. Enough to fund the English translation plus multiple “Stretch Goals.”

Q: What is this Kickstarter project about?

A: Chunibyou, vampires, moe, and comedy. “Libra of the Vampire Princess” is a brand new Japanese bishoujo game by XERO, which was released in Japan on October 30th, 2015. Our Kickstarter campaign raised the money to fund the English version of “Libra.”

Q: What is the plot?

A: Libra of the Vampire Princess centers around main protagonist, Shuma Kusanagi: an ordinary boy, with an unnatural ancestry. His world gets turned upside down when Iris, a mysterious vampire, lashes out to “awaken” his ancestral blood. Although she sinks her teeth into Shuma, he manages to flee before the vampiric ritual is complete. Now, more confused than ever, his future is forked with uncertain paths and a host of girls who make matters even more complex. On top of it, he’s developed an urge to suck… their blood. What happens next is for the player to decide.

Q: Will this game be on Steam?

A: Yes, the game will be on Steam. After skyrocketing to the top 5 in less than a week, we have already been Greenlit. There will also be a physical release of the game for those who prefer hard-copies.

Q: Will Libra of the Vampire Princess be DRM-Free?

A: As of now, the physical game of Libra will be DRM-Free for all Kickstarter backers!

Q: Is this the original game, censored version, uncensored version, ect?

A: XERO and MiKandi Japan are building an English version of the game for release on Steam. This version will fall in line with Steam`s limitations. MiKandi (our partner in the US, the world’s largest adult app store) will be distributing a patch. Please contact MiKandi (US) for more details regarding the patch.

Q: How long will it take to translate the game?

A: We estimate 8 months for translation plus 2 additional months of building and testing. The full version of the game is over 1.1 million characters and 60 hours of game play. Libra should release March, 2017 (Click Here for More Details).

Q: Routes… How many? Who? When?

A: Main Routes:
How many? 4
Who? Calen, Mari, Aoi, *Lycoris
When? About half way through Libra.
(*Lycoris’s route comes in later on, so please play to find her ^_^.)

Bonus Routes: Extra “h-scenes” which are part of the original game.
How many? 5
Who? Calen, Mari, Aoi, Lycoris, Harem
When? Once you`ve unlocked each girl`s main route.

Mini Episodes: New stories which are being created, thanks to Kickstarter backers unlocking these as stretch goals.
How many? 2
Who? Iris, Aoi, Lycoris
When? Both “Iris`s Past” and “Aoi Meets Lycoris” take place before Libra. You can play these episodes, separate from the main game.

Q: Who is XERO?


Producer MOKA is CEO and founder of XERO.

A: XERO is a Japanese bishoujo game company located in Tokyo. Their games often focus around school stories, cute maids, every day comedy, and chuunibyou. The company is best known for trying new themes, often earlier than other makers. Headed by Producer MOKA, XERO`s team believes visual novel fans in the west should have the same opportunity to play the newest titles as soon as possible, just like fans in Japan. Producer MOKA has been the outspoken and key force in making this Kickstarter a reality, and for that we are grateful.

Q: Who is MiKandi Japan?

A: We are a production, licensing, and distribution studio, located in Akihabara, Japan. We are a gateway for both foreign and Japanese game, manga, and anime studios to bring their projects to and from Japan. We are really imagining this project as a revolution in the Visual Novel industry where existing game building workflows include consideration for players outside of Japan.

Q: Is MiKandi Japan the same company as MiKandi (the world’s largest adult app store?)

A: Think of MiKandi Japan as MiKandi’s younger sister in Japan. We are working together to bring great Japanese games to the West!

Have more Questions? Please check our FAQ at the bottom of Libra`s Kickstarter Campaign Page or contact us HERE.

  1. Hi there , I am a backer of this project and I have a couple of questions.
    First of all , when will the physical copies would be distributed?
    And will the H patch be free for backers ?
    And will the patch be delayed ?, I really want to play the full game with all of its contents.

    • *edit
      Be distributed

      • Hi Leonard,

        Thanks for the questions. Our estimated delivery date is November, and the physical game, digital game, and patch will all go out at the same time. The patch will be FREE.

        Looking forward to you playing the game,

  2. I haven’t seen an update on this page’s stats in 3 weeks and was curious about the current translation status.

    • Hi Ken,

      Good catch. It`s been updated today. From now on, the translation status should be updated every other week. Thanks for keeping an eye on Libra.


  3. Will there be Steam trading cards, achievements, and emotes for Libra? Keep up the good work!

  4. *Excitement increases*

  5. Hey MiKandiJapan, any updates on progress? Not trying to rush you or any thing, just check this site every day, and haven’t seen update since june 10. I understand you are probably busy getting the pre-order store ready to lunch, which I am really looking foreword to. Can’t wait to read this VN;}.

    • Hey Alchemicalhaze,

      Thanks for checking in. We just got the page updated for you. Translation is ongoing and looking really nice 😀 BTW, who do you imagine might be your favorite character? Calen translation is next!

      Pre-order store coming soon. ^^

  6. Thanks a lot for updating the status of translation, I keep an eye on quite a few translation projects, (both licensed and fan translations) and this is the one I have been looking forward to the most! I am not quite sure who my favorite character is going to be, but if I had to make a guess, I would probably say Lycoris is my type!

    By the way, I have a question: Libra is said to have 1.1 million Japanese characters, but being that Japanese has Kanji, it is hard to know about how big that is. Do you know how many lines there are in Libra?

    • Did not mean to post this, complete post down below\/

  7. MiKandiJapan,

    Thanks a lot for updating the status of translation, I keep an eye on quite a few translation projects, (both licensed and fan translations) and this is the one I have been looking forward to the most! I am not quite sure who my favorite character is going to be, but if I had to make a guess, I would probably say Lycoris is my type!

    By the way, I have a question: Libra is said to have 1.1 million Japanese characters, but being that Japanese has Kanji, it is hard to know the length from the number of characters. Do you know how many lines there are in Libra?

    Thanks for always communicating with your backers. I have high hopes in mikandi japan;)

  8. Thanks MiKandiJapan for keep updating this project progress.
    Keep up the good work, I will be looking forward to it!

  9. Can’t wait for this Visual Novel to be released. I am looking forward to it. (P.S. My favorite will most likely be Mari.)

  10. Hello, regarding the email I just got ….. to be released on 3/2017??? 4 more months? seriously? the game was successfully funded on January 20, 2016 and was due to be released at November/16 that’s more than 10 months and then you require 5 more? your not planning on designing a new game now, aren’t you? I’m extremely dissatisfied.
    And the reasons ?
    “This provided us with the opportunity to put even more content, fun and work into expanding Libra” you mean, more paid content? what about us users who cant afford more since they are living abroad and cant just keep spending money on this? I mean you can make a lot of dlc and additional content but, cant you finish the game first? why would We have to suffer the wait of the dlc ?
    “the process is just simply taking longer than we estimated” I dont know nothing of game making but, increasing it by 50%?
    “Even if we have a finished English script a week behind schedule, that unfortunately does not mean we can release the game a week late” I Understand.

    Dear MiKandiJapan, I honestly am waiting for the game, and even if you offer me a refund I wont accept, Id rather wait, but at least compensate us. I hope that this game carries out its hype and becomes worth the wait.
    Note: Im not from an english origin so bare with me. Please correct me if I am wrong.

    • Delays are common in these kind of projects and estimated delivery dates for KS projects actually barely get met. Translation of visual novels is simply very time consuming, as only 1 or 2 people can work on a translation and the amount of text that they contain is that of several regular novels. Also note that the estimated delivery date was set at the start of the project and thus was based on the bare game before the stretch goals for the extra content were met.

      Also the extra content is free for backers as is mentioned on the campaign page.

    • Hi Leonardo,
      Thanks for visiting the site to share your concerns! It’s our sincere pledge to you, our backers, and fans that we make Libra an enjoyable visual novel for all.

      Regarding “compensation”
      Anonymous was helpful to bring up one of the perks for being a Kickstarter backer. In your case, you *will* receive Mini Episode #1 & #2 for free.

      As you may already know, Stretch Goal #3 and #4 were not funded: those being an Android port and Mini Episode #3 respectively. Since the Libra campaign ended, we’ve been finding ways to make both a reality. It’s not definite, but if either one, or both are made, you will receive them for free, too.

      We’d like to thank you again for your patience with and understanding of our new timeline goals. Libra grew bigger than we imagined and our focus is to keep working hard.

      Thank you very much for your continued patience and support. We’ll do our best! ^_^

    • what is this self-entitled reply… do you even know how many characters this VN has? It’s over a million characters…

  11. People don’t understand how much work is involved in translating a Japanese visual novel to english! Japanese and english are two entirely different languages, and this is probably one of the biggest visual novels translated to date! A visual novel this size usually takes three to five years to translate, fourteen months is pretty quick. I was expecting it around November of 2017 it got funded. Be happy this isn’t jast doing the translation!

    • oh my god,I just figured the gameplay time, I thought this was 20 to 30 hours gameplay, actually this explains alot.
      I should’ve made a bit more research…. too bad they dont let u edit or delete your comment.

  12. Yo,
    So I saw someone ask about the 18+ patch above, and that it will be free for backers. But, I am not a backer, but I’m very much looking forward to the game, however I am not interested in an all-ages version, so just to make sure:
    The patch will still be obtainable for non-backers too, right? (Also, do you know what it will cost yet?)
    Sorry if this was asked before, but I couldn’t find anything on it: will the 18+ patch be released at the same time as the censored game, or will we have to wait to play it in its original state?
    Since this has happened with both Muv-Luv and Grisaia, I fear the worst, but hope for the best…

    • Hi Arata,

      Yes, the 18+ patch will be obtainable for non-backers. The cost… a lot of dedicated work from our programmers (shout out to them!), but totally free for backers AND non-backers alike!

      Our plan is to release the patch at the same time we release the game, so you should not have to wait.

      Thanks for joining the Vampire Princess Army and for your support. (`д´)ゝ

  13. Thanks a lot mikandi Japan, loving the constant updates! Getting geeked for the March release!!!

  14. I checked your kickstarter’s FAQ and it mentioned a vita version of the game:

    What’s the estimated release date for it?

    Will the physical version be exclusive to your site?


    • @Durandal,
      As they have mentioned several times, they underestimated the cost of a vita port, so even if the stretch goal was reached, which it wasn’t, it would be financially impossible to licence the vita goal.

      However, they are currently trying to finance an android port. If an android port is something you are interested in, you can help the cause by purchasing stuff from the pre-order store, which you can find here:https:

      If the finance the android port, a third mini episode is also a possibility!

    • Hi Durandal,

      Thank you for visiting and thanks for the question!

      Alchemicalhaze appears to be on top of things, so thank you for sharing the info, Al (if we may call you by this name ^_^)!

      Yes, an Android port and, beyond that, a third mini-episode is the what we’d like to achieve. It will be no easy task, but we’re grateful for the ongoing support of the Vampire Princess Army helping us to move toward this goal. We’ll all continue doing our best to get there… one small victory at a time.

      Thank you!

  15. Almost there!!!!

    Love seeing progress, really appreciate all the hard work @MikandiJapan is doing to translate this novel!

    P.S. Is there going to be any more official newsletters coming our way?

  16. I am glad to see that we are almost to the goal. I see that there hasn’t been an update in almost a month and I am curious where the progress stands now.

    • Hi Kenneth,

      We can proudly report to you that the translation AND editing for Libra has completed! The mini episodes have also been completely translated and we are working on editing them.

      Onward to VICTORY!
      MiKandi Japan Team

  17. Nice, only 20% left. Home stretch! Home stretch!