Author: Naruse | Publisher: Ero Manga Island

Description: Natsumi just wants to help his baseball team do their best, but he’s a measly benchwarmer and gofer. One night before bed, he wishes for the “power to help everyone”. When teammate and pal Tomohiro returns from practice to find a half-naked, cute chick with big tits under Natsumi’s sheets, things get really interesting. Who’s that in his bed? It’s Natsumi… but he’s somehow transformed. Are his tits real? Does he have a real pussy? Tomohiro goes for some fun groping with his hands and licking with his mouth! Natsumi can’t believe the new sexual excitement he’s (or she’s) experiencing! Just as his pussy becomes sopping wet, the team’s MVP and ladies’ man, Yuu, has entered the room. What happens next? One thing seems certain: Natsumi’s fresh, nubile body will be helping the team succeed in ways he never thought possible. If you love gender benders, you’ll fap to this sticky locker room fuck fest. Play ball!

Tags: gender bender, gropingoppai, sports, uncensored

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