○Full Moon Fever ~ Retweet Campaign○

~Follow and Retweet to WIN~


Five winners will be randomly selected. Each winner will receive three Limited Edition Libra Stickers, one of which will be signed by XERO`s President, Producer MOKA himself! Rare chance to see Lycoris dressed in her school uniform? Not if you have these stickers!

\\Go Get Limited Goods!!//

Application Timeline

8/18 (Full Moon) ~ 8/25 (Last Quarter Moon)
Winner Notification
9/1 (New Moon)
Shipping Date
9/9 (First Quarter Moon)

How to Apply

–Step 1 (If you’re already following us, you can skip this process.)
Follow our Official Twitter Account.

–Step 2
Retweet our Campaign Tweet :

RT 2 WIN! ◯ Full Moon Fever! #LotVP Pre-Order Store! https://lvxero.com/product-category/libra-of-the-vampire-princess/ Details: https://lvxero.com/full-moon-retweet-campaign *HOWL*

–Step 3
You’re Done!
Please Wait for Winning Notification.
We Will Contact You Through Twitter DM from @MiKandiJapan Account.
PLEASE respond back within 3 days of being notified.


You have a chance to be 1 of 5 people to receive 3 Limited Edition Libra Stickers, one of which will be signed by XERO`s President, Producer MOKA.
Winners will be chosen by lottery.


1. Having a Twitter account.
2. Following our official account.
3. Retweeting our campaign tweet.

<<< Caution >>>

Read the following carefully so you do not lose a winning-ticket!
▽ Don’t unfollow us before the campaign finishes.
After the Application Period, We will contact you through DM on Twitter.
If you unfollow us before the campaign finishes, you will lose the winning-ticket.

▽ Don’t block @MiKandiJapan.
We need to contact you.

▽ Make sure it’s not a private account.
We can’t confirm if you followed/retweeted us from a locked private account.

▽ Make sure you can receive DM on your Twitter account settings.
Please check this in your account settings.

▽ Please write us back within 3 days of receiving a notification message on Twitter DM.
We need your information to ship the gift for you.

▽ Make sure your shipping information is correct.
If we could not deliver to you due to an unknown/wrong address or if nobody receives delivery, your winning-ticket might become null.


▼ You can’t return the prizes after you win.
Please don’t even think about it! *^^*

▼ You can’t sell your winning-ticket.
This prize is for you. Peel sticker back off and enjoy! *^^*

▼ We are planing to ship by 9/9 (First Quarter Moon).
Date might change due to many reasons.
We will let you know if there are any changes.


*Privacy Policy*
1. We will use your information for our own use, we will not give it to someone else.
2. We use an SSL certificate to protect data.
3. We are not responsible for your loss due to communication lines, system errors on computers, or if you get a virus or compromised (hacked).

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