Author: Choro Saitou | Publisher: Ero Manga Island

Description: “No, don’t come… deep inside…” A Virgin boy who becomes a ghost can do anything he wants in his school and town…!? Taichi becomes a ghost because of a freak accident, and gains a special power that allows him to possess people…and objects!? He turns into a towel and makes a beautiful busty girl cum when she’s taking a shower. He takes over the body of an innocent boyfriend and enjoys hentai play on a crowded train. At school he gets a close up look at a hot girl’s body who’s head of the new rhythmic gymnastics club! He become a ribbon and sticks it between her leotard crotch… becomes a ball and bounces on her boobs… becomes a juggling club and rubs her slick pussy… “Oh, what’s this… gouging out my insides?! But it feels so good…!!”

Tags: cunnilingus, ghosts, gropingoppaipantiespossessionuncensored

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