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TL, BL, and H-Comics English Release: FUNGUILD Collaboration

Last updated on February 14th, 2017

♥ FUNGUILD Inc and MiKandi Japan Bring E-Manga West! ♥

What’s black and white and red all over? If you guessed “Iris biting into Lycoris’s neck”, you would be correct, but if we said “read all over”, you might better guess we’re talking about E-comics! (B&W and full-color comics too!)

Visual novels take a long time to complete, so we needed a major power up…something juicy to snack on while we worked our butts off. Press [START] on our collaboration with FUNGUILD!

FUNGUILD is a Japanese publishing company for digital comics, belonging under the group Nippan, one of Japan’s largest distributors for publishers. They created the name “FUNGUILD” to head towards a destiny of becoming a digital publishing company that keeps creating fun. Each month, FUNGUILD releases new Teen’s Love (TL), Boys’ Love (BL), and Hentai comic titles and episodes.

Now FUNGUILD has teamed up with MiKandi Japan to bring English versions of their E-comics to the MiKandi Adult App Store. TL, BL, Hentai. Do you have a favorite type?

FUNGUILD Best Adult Manga

Link: MiKandi Adult App Store Comics

Interview With FUNGUILD

Before the launch, we sat down with FUNGUILD representatives to talk about their comics so our followers can know what to expect through 2017. Here’s what they had to say…

Q: We are so excited to bring your comics to the MiKandi Adult App Store. Can you tell our followers a little about each type of comics?

A: Thank you. We are excited too and happy to reach out to your followers. To start with, we have three types. TL, BL, and Hentai comics:

TL comics
1. “Love Kyun Comic” is our “Teen’s Love” (TL) magazine. The concept is “being loved by S-type (Sadistic/Strong attitude type) guys…and making your heart beat 1000%♥!”
Our target readers are 25-30y/o women. We’re bringing an exciting and real-life feeling to mature women who want to fall in love. There are many high-spec cool guys, and these are completely new and original TL titles.

BL comics
2. “caramel” is our newest magazine for “Boys’ Love” (BL) fans. Our concept is “starting love, melting bodies, sweet ero ♥ BL”. We launched this magazine in Japan in 2017 with the theme “sweet ero BL” and it’s grown from there. Our target readers are mature women in their 20’s to 30’s. Readers can enjoy titles filled with heart-beating sweet love stories and h-scenes that are a little bit extreme. We’ll bring newly drawn, original BL titles as we continue to grow.

Hentai comics
3. “EroManga Island” is our erotic comic/hentai magazine. We are focused on making pop-culture-centric and extreme erotic comics, with rich stories. These comics are not only for guys, but enjoyable for women readers, too. The titles are ero-extreme and ero-cute!

Q: So what’s the focus for 2017?

A: With these three genres, TL, BL, and Hentai, we want to create more titles that readers think are fun and release many ongoing episodes that they can enjoy. Especially for our new BL label “caramel”, we are putting a strong focus on this label in 2017 and bringing more titles for mature adult women readers.

Q: What would you like to say to international comic readers?

A: We are very excited to introduce our comics to world readers. We want to bring many fun and exciting comics to the world. Every month we will release new titles and episodes. We hope the readers enjoy following the various stories as they unfold.

Also, in Japan, especially for our “EroManga Island” hentai comics, we are finding that many women are becoming fans of these titles. With that in mind, we are hoping the same might be true outside of Japan. It’s not just guys who can enjoy these stories, but women can enjoy reading them too! If you are a young women and you enjoy these comics, please let us know!

More Details About The Collaboration

“Love Kyun Comic” and “caramel” titles are currently available on the MiKandi Adult App Store, under their “Comics” section, with new titles and episodes each month. Prices vary from around 299-320 MiKandi Gold (about $2.99-$3.20 USD) per episode and can be read from within their Android mobile app.

The official launch of “EroManga Island” titles and episodes will debut around the middle of March, with a few pre-launch teaser episodes hitting the store ahead of schedule.

Have more questions as a reader or want to do an interview for your website, blog, or video channel regarding this collaboration? Please contact us HERE.

Thank you! ~MiKandi Japan Team