Producer MOKA Signature Live Stream!

** Thanks to all who joined us! **
In our first-ever live stream, Producer MOKA autographs hundreds of Libra posters for Kickstarter backers at a secret otaku location in Akihabara. Joining Producer Moka was Sugawara-san (Chief Advertising & Sales, XERO). Both had a lot fun chatting with viewers and answering their questions about visual novels and future projects. The stream took place April 27th, 2017 and was in celebration of Libra's release to the west on May 16th, 2017. Please check it out and enjoy!



Bring em on: Sugawara-san stacks, Producer MOKA signs!


The moment when Producer MOKA knocked out the first hundred posters! Will he ever get tired?


Sugawara-san (left) proudly snuggles onto Lycoris' "Intimate" dakimakura while Producer MOKA says "CHEEZU!" for the camera. Iris' "Intimate" dakimakura (back right) looks as lonely as can be.
Both dakimakura and more are available at Lv XERO!

Thanks again to all who showed up for the stream. We look forward to doing more events like this in the future!