"Libra of the Vampire Princess" Behind-The-Scenes!

Check out Libra during production and beyond in this exclusive behind-the-scenes documentary!



Thursday, August 13th.  One day before Comiket, XERO has a signing event for their newest game... "Libra of the Vampire Princess". The game won't release until October 30th, but between now and then, there are so many things left to do.


Excuse me, how was the event?


--- Sugawara Ryo, Chief of Advertising & Sales ---
It was good. I saw many first time-customers. Onomatope’s users were coming too. I think there’s a lot of energy growing around the game. I wish I could just wait for the game to release, but we still need to record sound, debug, and so on. I can’t relax yet! The scenario is usually about 2.5mb. If we print it out, it will be twenty thousand pages. We always print it out!

Yes, thank you! See you later.


--- Toa Yukimura, Voice of "Calen" ---
In the third day, we’re finally recording Calen’s route. From now we’re getting into the most exciting part. So far, Calen says many impressive things. Here is a short line of dialogue that sounds like a very compressed version of our story’s universe. Let me say it now... "Welcome to the vampire world."

That’s it. These are the important keywords for the story, so please keep them in mind.


There are many cute girls, and each one is so attractive. The conversations between them have many interesting parts, and sometimes very comical, so I hope the players can enjoy this a lot.

Kickstarter backers, I love you. Thank you!


--- Producer MOKA, XERO's Founder and President ---

Hello, Kickstarter backers. I’m MOKA from XERO. Nice to meet you. Welcome to XERO’s development section.


About a year ago, I was talking about exporting games with some other makers. They said some companies were trying a different way. That’s when I first heard about Kickstarter, and I thought "maybe that’s what we need!" It’s a good chance to connect with users. We tried many ways to develop for foreign countries, but didn’t succeed yet. We were struggling to find answers to questions like: "Where are users living?"; "What’s the age bracket?"; "The price range?"; "Where can we sell the product so gamers can find it?"


Communicating with foreign users directly... it’s quite interesting, isn’t it. In the past we didn’t have tools to show customers what we are making, or what we are thinking. The Internet is amazing. That is like "zero distance," right?


Well, speaking of Japanese subculture, the internet and comics are in the very center. From there, people start to catch many things and creators like us get excited to talk about "this is good," or "that is good" through our online conversations. Then we create games. After that, some games develop a new trend on the market and those can become anime. At this point the world starts noticing these things, too. Within these industry’s mutual relationships, we grow moe up together. So this is like alchemy. An egg can become a dragon; or suddenly a girl instead of a baby chick.


About "Libra of the Vampire Princess"...


What we are making basically has a comedy base, but mixed with moe essence. Also, "chunibyo." Chunibyo is like the feeling that a 14 year old boy gets. It’s like "this world is mine." This omnipotent feeling is what we want to have in the game.


--- Sugawara-san ---

Well, what’s today’s date? Wait a minute... it’s been three weeks now. So maybe we’ll finish it in three more days. Now we will finish recording voices, add them into the game, then debug. We are in the final steps. We will do debugging from next week, so I’ll build up my energy for that. We’ll do our best.


--- Mayumi Shindo, Voice of "Mari" ---

Today is the third day, but from the first day I’ve been getting into the character more and more. From the first day’s middle part, I could catch the feeling that the character is mine. No problem. I think you’ll feel satisfied about my result.


About Mari? Mari is just a foolish girl! She’s a werewolf, well "wolf." I think Mari’s mind is filled up with foolishness.I don’t know if foolish girls are attractive outside Japan. Do they think foolish girls are cute? We think it’s cute in Japan. Please remember... *Wan Wan*! Okay?

Ah, this is Mari-chan (showing t-shirt to camera). We made it! We made it for today. About this t-shirt, well... "Feed me". This is the scene when Mari feeds him. You say "feed me" right? Speaking of my favorite scene, I like the battle scene so much, but Mari has really low combat efficiency. But fighting alongside the main character, that scene is the highlight in the end. Chunibyo... one of this game’s best features is it’s essence in Mari’s route. I want you to enjoy this.


Love for you!


--- Announcer ---
"Libra of the Vampire Princess," which will release on October 30th. We're here with Producer MOKA from Onomatope.


--- Producer MOKA ---
Hello, my name is Sandra.


--- Announcer ---


--- Producer MOKA ---
We were preparing two years ago. The plan was working with a different artist and making a comedy vampire game. The artist ended up canceling for some reason, so the plan got shelved. Separately from that, we were talking with the artist Miyasu-san, saying let’s work together when the timing is right. We talked about what game we should make and thought, "chunibyo sounds good." Then I said "Yes, I have a chunibyo idea here!"


--- Announcer ---
Oh, you pulled out the plan?


--- Announcer ---
So you have some news right?


--- Producer MOKA ---
Yes, yes, on Kickstarter. We’ll make an English version for foreign players if it’s funded.


--- Announcer ---
Check it out on the 30th! Let’s play the game’s opening theme song.


Producer MOKA wears his vampire staff shirt everywhere, to promote the game as he marches the team into battle!


--- Producer MOKA ---
Since I was in middle school, so it’s been about thirty years. Yes, I’ve been in Akihabara for that long.

I used to go to computer show rooms to play around. This was just an electronics town in the past. Otaku shops weren’t popular here, so this was the place to check out computers. I would visit a publishing company for fun sometimes, it’s editorial department. I was watching them making magazines, and seeing moe pictures at the same time. Then I naturally started thinking I’ll join this industry... And I really did.


I think there are about one hundred to two hundred companies in this industry. About five to ten people make a game for one brand. There are about three hundred titles a year in Japan, but the number that gets introduced to foreign countries could be about five or less maybe? I think there are many fun titles that foreign players don’t know yet, but are interesting or have something that can impress you like... "Wow! Are you making that?!"


I want makers to introduce them, players play them, and I wish we can create a new structure like this. In an environment where foreign players get Japan’s newest games, that will help pull the industry into a new future.


There are many makers like us, and so many games that can come to you. I want to create new moe for everybody, so please support this project, and let’s make new moe together in the future. That’s my hope.


(Libra of the Vampire Princess Japanese Promo Video Begins)


Shuma Kusanagi’s dormant "vampire blood," awakened through force by a mysterious girl. A blood sucking impulse, arising in the body, transforming into a vampire. Shuma tries to be human, fighting against this thirst. Many people with many intentions, gather around him, seeking his blood. An existence hot human, but not vampire.


Original Art: Risa Miyasu, Crowe

Scenario: Ayumu, Futa Umihara, others

Movie: Moe Hoshina

"Libra of the Vampire Princess"

"I’m not vampire, I’m human."

Shuma (Shuma Kusanagi)
Last of the Embroche’s, from three original families.

"I am Shuma’s finance!"

Calen (Calendula Officinalis)
The hundredth daughter in the Officinalis family.

"I can’t understand why you don’t want to become a vampire."

Mari (Maritima Malcolmia)
A Werewolf maid, working for Shuma's deceased father.

"Hello vampire! Let me hunt your life."

Aoi (Aoi Kamishiro)
Agent in the Special Service Agency "Rubina."

"If you become a vampire, I will make you my servant."

Lycoris (Lycoris Radiata)
Aoi’s past partner, Iris’s familiar spirit.

"Awake! Become the next generation's
progenitor, and join under me."

Iris (Iris Pumila)
A progenitor living alone for a long two thousand years.

Sakurako (Left)
Popular, sociable, school gossiper.

Kaede (Right)
Shuma’s childhood friend, calls him brother.


Opening Theme
Lyrics: Mayumi Shindo
Composition, Arrangement: VIVI
Vocals: Mayumi Shindo & Toa Yukimura

Shuma tries to evade the blood sucking impulse, but with this vampire power, he fights evil powers that attack him.

"Libra of the Vampire Princess"